About Us

Yellow Jacket Performance Parts

Yellow Jacket Performance Parts was started, with the Genesis Coupe, and the customer, in mind. Too few vendors exist that specialize in the Genesis Coupe, and even fewer that strive for perfect customer service. This is where Yellow Jacket comes in. Being an owner, who buys parts from many vendors before I started YJPP, I saw that this was in issue, and stepped in to help remedy the concern; by starting a shop of my own that specializes in the Coupe, and relies on perfect customer service to make a transaction a flawless experience for the customer. Being a certified Hyundai technician, who also daily drives, modifies, and tracks a Genesis Coupe, I'm well equipped to answer most any question that you might have about our platform, a product for it, specific builds, or even installation questions. Having been on the other side of the aftermarket before, as the customer, and not the vendor, I know how important proper customer service is, with timely, courteous responses to emails, phone calls and more. As such, if you have any issue with anything on this site, product, Genesis Coupe, or otherwise, do not hesitate to email me at Alex@yellowjacketperformanceparts.com or call 407-405-0696, and I will respond as quickly as I can, and if there are any issues with a purchase, I will do whatever it takes to fix the situation. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about Yellow Jacket, and thank you for choosing to shop with us!